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April 20, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Eyeless Jack x reader (Lemon)

You turn around as you hear a noise behind you. As you turn you see someone in a black jacket with a large rock in their hand. “Who are you?” you ask. Just as you finish your sentence they threw the rock at your head. You fell to the ground.

You wake up bound by rope and blind folded. “W-where am I?” you stumbled. You felt something around your chest tighten. You gasped, that was greeted by a low chuckle. “You’re at your house, my love.” You cocked your head to the side. What does he mean by ‘my love’? You thought.  “Where are my parents?” you asked.  You felt his presence get a little aggressive. “Your parents didn’t appreciate you. There dead.” He said angrily. You stiffen as you remember all the shit your mother and father put you through. Beating you, and putting you in the closet with no food or water. Your eyes widen as he removed the blind fold. You finally got a look at him he had a curved smile with sharp teeth, long dark brown hair to his shoulders, with no eyes just empty black sockets, but you had to admit he was so HOT. You blushed and as you did he chuckled. “Your eyes are even prettier than I imagined.” He said. “Y-you can see?” you asked. He simply nodded. “I’ll untie you; but you’re going to do whatever I tell you. You’ll also let me do whatever I want. Got it?” you tensely nodded. He untied you. You were in your own bedroom. “Lie down.” He ordered. You went to your bed.  He practically jumped on top of you kissing every visible place on your neck looking for your sweet spot. As he brushed past a spot you gasped. Jack grinned and started nibbling and sucking on that spot earning loud moans and gasps from you. Slowly he started to pull down your paints. “J-Jack.” You moaned. “Looks like someone is excided~” he said as he pulled your under wear down his finger at your dripping core.  Jack started pumping his finger in and out of you. You gasped in immense pleasure. You moaned his name. You were about to climax you could feel that knot that had been building in your stomach start to undo itself but Jack stopped.  He started to undress himself and started to lift up your shirt, unclipping your bra. He quickly shoved himself inside you, felling a sharp vague pain in your abdomen. “JACK~OW” you yelled. He didn’t pay attention started to thrust in and out of you. You started to tear up in pain. Jack slammed into you harder and harder until you were pushed over the edge. “Nun~(Y/N), you s-so tight.” He moaned. You road out your orgasm. Once you were done he started hammering into you again. This went on for hours until his seed started to fill you up to the brim. Some of it spilling out onto the bed. Jack slammed into you a few more times and he finally pulled out. He laid down next to you. “I love you (Y/N)” he painted. “I-I love you too.” You replied as you started to fall asleep.
~to be continued (mabey,, depends on if im lazy)
yup i got bored and i have noticed that there are no Eyeless x reader lemons so here for you Jack fan girls
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ilovekid-kun Apr 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
Note me please
plz notw  me  this?
MMDTeto13 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *Reading this on computer*
EJ: *Walk into room going to kill me but reads what I'm reading*
Me: *Slowly turn around* Hiiiiiii. I was just... *Copy link and close tab*
EJ: *Slowly look at me*
Computer: *Has EJ x Jeff porn*
Me: *Slowly turn to the computer forgetting that was there* That... Wasn't there before... I swear...
EJ: *Slowly walk to window* 
Me: *Press a button and every exit locks* Let's get started, shall we?
XD haha I can imagine you having a troll face when you closed the exits XD
MMDTeto13 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lolitrollu lolitrollu lolitrollu lolitrollu lolitrollu 
XD XD haha omg
Note me this plzzzz!!
Please leave me a note
zimlvr360 Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Me: reads hey soulless Jess!!!! Get out here and read this!!!
Soulless Jess *My character* : *Comes into room* what is it now Toni?
Me:*hands S.J the ipod * Read this!
S.j: *Starts reading lemon*
Me: *Sneaks into kitchen* Jack!
E.j : what is it Toni?
Me: I think you should go see what Jess is reading!
E.j:Umm...okay *Goes over to jess and reads the lemon over her shoulder* oh so this is what you want
S.j:Uhm wut?
E.j:*Picks up S.J bridal style and carries her to her bedroom, where 5minuets later loud moans are heard*
Toby: whoa Toni!!! Do you want me to do that to you too? Cause I can~
Me: aw Toby as much as I'd like to.....ew not yet....
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